Children of the New Earth (CNE): Review April 2006

Discovering Your Special Place (audio CD) and Creating A Magical Garden and Healing Pond (audio CD) by Charlotte Reznick Ph.D.

Reviewed by: Kathleen Jacoby & Holly Wheeler

We reviewed two of Dr. Reznick's CD's in the Imagery for Kids series: Discovering Your Special Place, and Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond. The CD's were evaluated by Senior Editor, Kathleen Jacoby, and Junior Editor, nine-year old Holly Wheeler.

Holly responded to the CD's, with the following comments. "These CD's are really good for children who are overly busy and feel stressed. I really enjoyed them, and they helped me to relax and feel comfortable. I liked the music and the lady's voice. I felt very soothed and safe, and was able to "see" the things she described. I am going to listen to them often, because they made me feel good and helped me to be much more relaxed after school."

Since the CD's are basically for kids, that's a great recommendation. However, what was more surprising was the effect they had on the grownup reviewer…me. As I sat with the CD's in the background, listening while I worked at the computer, I suddenly began feeling warm, relaxed, and sensed the tension dropping away that I'd been carrying. All this was happening while I was doing something other than giving the CD's my full attention - and I began to giggle to myself. "These are supposed to be for children? Goodness, these are for the children within ALL of us."

Charlotte Reznick expresses herself in a way that makes the listener feel very special and cared for. Her choice of words and imagery provide a backdrop of shelter and safety where nothing else intrudes. These CD's are well thought out, and no matter if you are a child or grownup, a space is created where you can truly "let down" and relax your mind and body. Dr. Reznick's guidance is non-intrusive and helpful to finding your own space of peace, and she provides intervals of soft music whereby the listener can create their own images and comfort zone.
The Imagery For Kids series is highly recommended for anyone in a body, and receives CNE's Seal of Excellence Award.

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